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Steel shot - grit


The patented technology of thermal treatment gives opportunity to produce the shot in the narrow range of hardness, with high operational characteristics, that provides high technical and economic rates of process of the blasting (decrease in an expense of fraction, increase of productivity and stability of process)

Chemical composition

It's the cause of the highest quality of the abrasive. The chemical composition strictly matches the technical requirement is the base for getting the best result such as hardness, form, micro and macro structure. High requirements to initial raw materials, observance and following of technological discipline and modern control devices provide stability of the chemical composition.

Fractional structure

Compliance of fractional structure to the declared requirements is provided with three levels of control of fractional structure (technological process, a semi-product, finished goods). High level of technological preparation of production satisfies the most comprehensive inquiries of the consumer regarding requirements to a fractional structure. Abrasive for the markets of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, the EU is made according SAE J444, GOST 11964-81, ISO 11124. The fractional structure is selected, according the required processing purposes: surface contamination, required roughness, purity of a surface, processing material type.

Source: УЭМЗ