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Steel shot WS/WG — (S — "shot" — round /cast, G — "grit" — split /sharp-angled) is a hardened shot made of high-carbon steel.

Preparation of metal surfaces before applying protective coatings is, perhaps, the main direction of the use of shot in industry.

Before applying any coating, the surface of the product must be properly prepared to ensure reliable adhesion to the coating.

According to a study by a well-known paint manufacturer, the durability of the coating depends on the quality of surface preparation by 70%, and only by 30% on the quality of the coatings themselves, the method of application, etc. The achievement of the desired quality of surface preparation is evaluated by such a parameter as surface roughness. The roughness should not be excessively high in order to prevent overspending, as a rule, of an expensive coating and at the same time sufficient to ensure reliable and long-term adhesion to the coating material.

It is the solid steel crushed shot that are, perhaps, the best materials on the market and the CIS, providing the necessary roughness and "anchor" — the sharp-angled profile of the metal surface in combination with high speed and cost-effectiveness of the process.

To prepare the surface of non-ferrous metals or stainless steel, stainless shot is used. The best quality of surface preparation is achieved in shot blasting chambers, where it is possible to use solid crushed shot without the risk of equipment wear.

The main industries where surface preparation is used:

  • production of pipes for oil, gas pipelines and oil production (LDPE, tubing, etc.);
  • production of metal structures and other metal products with subsequent coating;
  • mechanical engineering (cars and trucks, road equipment, production of railway equipment and wagons);
  • shipbuilding.