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About the company

"Andi Spets Import" LLP is an official dealer of selling the abrasive powder "URALGRIT" in the Republic of Kazakhstan which is used for anticorrosion protection (ACP) in bridge construction, energy industry, oil & gas sector, industry, and ship-repairing.

Always in stock in the warehouses of Mangistau region in Aktau, Shymkent, Atyrau, and Uralsk cities.

All products are certified according to international standards ISO 11126-3, ISO 11126-5, ISO 111127 and meets all modern requirements. The company "Andi Spets Import" always provided any necessary technical documentation.

What is abrasive powder?

Abrasive powder – is a modern material for abrasive blast cleaning of the metallic, stone and concrete surfaces prior to painting. Abrasive powder is obtained from granulated slags of copper-melting and nickel productions, known as copperslag and nickelslag. Today abrasive blast cleaning is the most progressive, cost-effective and safe technology for preparing the metallic surfaces to painting. This allows to obtain the required degree of purification from corrosion, coke dross, old coating. Also surface profile required for this coating type can obtained as well. The application of abrasive powder “URALGRIT” allows to obtain degree of purification as SA 1, SA 2, SA 2 1/2, SA 3 (ISO 8501) and surface profile from 20-60 micron up to 110-130 micron.

More detailed information on abrasive powder can be found on link - Abrasive powder/sand – Question of selection

Advantages of abrasive powder "URALGRIT":

  • Purity of the fractional and chemical composition
  • Preparation of any fractional composition from 0.1 to 3.0 mm
  • High quality of surface preparation
  • High productivity of work process
  • Labor input decrease
  • Safety of the working personnel
  • Decrease of the expenses due to partial recuperation of the abrasive
  • Convenience of storage and transportation

Certificates and TC

  • Working with abrasive powder "URALGRIT" is safe for health and environment
  • All the production satisfies the requirements of labor safety and environmental codes
  • Abrasive powder is certified according to ISO 11126-3, ISO 11126-5, ISO 11127
  • Abroad this material is produced according to ISO 11126-3 "Preparation of the steel surface prior to laying the paints or products related to it"

Surface preparation is important!

Many foreign and some Russian producers of protective coatings provide guarantee on their products up to 10 years, and 20 years for some of the products, if the surface is prepared by abrasive blasting with usage of abrasive powder.

High quality preparation of the surface prior to painting provides 80 % protection against corrosion, whereas varnish-and-paint coating gives only 20%. It is important to understand, that even the best coatings does not provide protection against corrosion if surface was not properly prepared.

Also, our company has an ability to supply small shots (DSL and DSK marks) for bead-blasting works.