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Comparison of surface cleaning

Comparison of surface cleaning

In April 2013, "Andi Spets Import" LLP compared the results of cleaning of a metallic part in Atyrau city on Atyrau plant of pipe spools.

From the picture, it can be seen that right side of metallic sheet has a gray color, the color of big amount of a dust in your abrasive. The left side, processed by "URALGRIT" abrasive has a metallic color, no "punched in" dust and high asperity. This leads to better paint laying and high quality paining of the metal surface.

Also, sandblast operator noticed, that when using "URALGRIT" abrasive then there is no dust content. This tells us that quality of surface preparation is higher. And, what is most important, no dust content means safe working conditions. It is well known, that industrial dust leads to silicosis decease, whereas health protection is a one of the most important tasks for an industrial company.

Published on 29 Apr 2013