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Steel shot WGP

Steel shot WGP

At the moment, the most modern and effective abrasive that has replaced cast shot. In the process of work, sharp edges are rounded and the fraction acquires a rounded shape.

Gives a more pronounced surface profile, since 10-15% is present in the working mixture acute-angled particles. Particularly effective in descaling. Possesses long life cycle, since all possible internal defects have been eliminated at the production stage.

The opinion that crushed shot leads to rapid wear of machines is associated with experience the use of crushed shot produced in accordance with GOST, where shot production is allowed fairly high hardness. WGP is not too hard and gives the best balance efficiency of cleaning and wear of machines.

The main characteristics are:

  • optimal hardness, allowing for fast and high-quality processing;
  • toughness for exceptionally long shot life;
  • elasticity, which increases efficiency due to numerous rebounds, which allows you to reach areas of the surface that are inaccessible to direct impact.
Product name Regulatory document Chem. compound Medium hardness Minimum absolute density Microstructure
Cast steel shot WGP TU 4196-001-78730722-2010 С: 0.8-1.2%, Si: 0.4-1.2%, Mn: 0.6-1.2%, P, S: ≤ 0.05% 47,7-52,4 HRC ≥ 7,6 completely homogeneous and fine-grained martensite

The size of the granules affects the quality and speed of processing. The more particles contained in a kilogram of product, the higher the surface cleaning rate: per unit time, a greater number of shot granules come into contact with the cleaned surface, but the shot must be of sufficient size to fulfill the set technological task.

Shot brand Nominal size, mm Number of particles in 1kg
WG - 12 1,7 42.000
WG - 14 1,4 70.000
WG - 16 1,18 120.000
WG - 18 1 205.000
WG - 25 0,71 550.000
WG - 40 0,6 925.000
WG - 50 0,3 7.480.000
WG - 80 0,18 26.400.000
WG - 120 0,12 40.000.000